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    in the gym

    Gym machines: I am sure you understand what I mean, but is this what you call it?

    If someone uses a machine and you want to use it too, what is a proper question? Can I join? Can we do the exercise in turns? What is a natural say of waying this?
    My other question is as follows. When you do benchpress, you lift out the bar of what position? What do you call the thing on which sits the bar when no one uses it. How can I ask a fellow trainer to help me with moving the bar to a start position?

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    Re: in the gym

    It's a while since I went to a gym, but if someone was on a machine I wanted to use, I simply had to wait until they had finished. Usually, I loitered somewhere nearby the machine so that I could go straight to it as soon as it was free.
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