Like everybody i have also faced many good and bad days .I lived in India in my childhood. Usually ,every Sunday my parents went to visit my brother in his hostel and I used to live alone or sometime with my grandmother on Sunday. I was a school going girl that time .
Still I can remember the day! my grandma couldn't come on that Sunday to stay with me. So, I was alone and since morning I was busy with my friends,tuitions and studies.On that evening the Sky was covered with star and moon light and i was busy to finish my homework. It was summer, suddenly I heard a sound and it was thunderstorm. Generally, during summer season every tropical country like India faces storm. Again I heard and I got scared, thought power cut could be happening any time. Within few minutes current was gone and I had trapped inside a dark house! I felt nervous.Although I could manage a candle but it was not enough for lighting up the whole house.But, I felt some relief that at least thunder storm was gone but I was wrong! rain was started to fall.Suddenly, I had heard another noise coming from our roof of the house, I got very scared. I couldn't imagine what could I do in this situation then I had realised that it was nothing but rain waters were falling down in an empty bucket.I began to feel relax by that time I had noticed somebody was standing outside just beside the windows. I got up from the bed and had started to scream but thanks to God, power cut was over. Now I could see that it was nothing but a branch of tree.Oh no! I got so panic! I had been waiting for my parents and calling bell was ringing. I ran to open the door but somebody was looking for an address. Then the time arrived, my parents finally came and I had felt so relaxed that I couldn't express.
Since that day I had taken a promise that I couldn't live alone specially at night time. But times flys by.Gradually, I grown up and now I laugh to remember the day.