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    as in

    Can one use:
    1-He uses language as in poetry.
    instead of:
    2-He uses language as it is used in poetry.

    Can one use:
    3-We will deal with this problem as in England.
    instead of:
    4-We will deal with this problem as it was dealt with in England.

    I think "3" means:
    We will deal with this problem as we did in England.

    But "4" does not correspond exactly to that.

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    Re: as in

    You could, particularly in 1-.
    However, in 3-, we don't know if "as in" means "as it was dealt with..", or "as it is currently being dealt with..", or "as we did in..", or "as we are currently doing in...". So it would be clearer, and therefore better all round, to express it more fully, in whichever one of these phrases you mean.
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