1, Did Carly Simon take an opposite starategy to Sviatoslav Richter to get rid of their stage fright?
2. What does "empathic reaction" mean here? Does she try to draw attention from the audience?
3. What does "take it away from me" mean here?

st146) One of Laurence Olivier’s ways of coping with stage fright was to ask his fellow actors not to look him in the eye. “They generously agreed, and managed ①looking attentively to either side of my face,” he wrote of his performance as Shylock in the National Theatre production of The Merchant of Venice in 1970. “For some reason this made me feel ②that there was not quite so much loaded against me.” Fry had the opposite experience. ....he says. “If they’re not going ③to meet your eye, there’s something wrong with them, or they think there’s something wrong with you.”
Sviatoslav Richter, whom Prokofiev thought “the best pianist … in the world,” coped with his stage fright by turning the lights on the audience and -- except for a reading light on his sheet music -- off himself. The illusion of invisibility freed Richter and ④allowed the listener, he said, “to concentrate on the music rather than on the performer.” Some performers, like Carly Simon, on the other hand, choose to have the lights on the audience “because of the empathic reaction.” She says, “When I feel I don’t have the audience, when they’re not warm, I’ll pick out one person, usually in the first four rows, and sing a song directly to that person. He or she will get embarrassed and ⑤turn to people on his right or left. Therefore the embarrassment, or the focus I’m putting on him, takes it away from me.”