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    time travel- mushroom

    1. I can't understand how mushroom gave rise to the creation of a "time travel" novel. What does it have to do with time travel?
    2. What does "it" mean here and is "discarded" short for "and (is) discarded"?

    st140)...Asimov had only reached the second volume, editions taken from the second half of 1928, when he saw a tiny advertisement that immediately sparked off an idea. He was glancing through the ads section and his eye was caught by what looked like the shape of the mushroom cloud produced by an atomic bomb.

    Bearing in mind that the magazine was from the late twenties, Asimov was taken aback by the image. It was, of course, merely an initial impression, and when he looked closely he realized it was the Old Faithful geyser of Yellowstone National Park, but it got him thinking: What if an advertisement using the mushroom cloud had really been there? What could it mean? The answer, in what became The End of Eternity, was time travel.

    Asimov had written about time travel before In fact, his very first serious attempt at science fiction had been "Cosmic Corkscrew," which related the story of a time traveler who had journeyed into the distant future. Time travel also provided the opening to Pebble in the Sky. But in Pebble in the Sky, it is merely a device, and discarded after its primary use. The End of Eternity was different ...

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    Re: time travel- mushroom

    1. Do you realize what a mushroom cloud is? Do you know it would be anachronistic in 1928?
    2. Time travel. Yes.

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