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    motivation letter

    Sorry i have just posted the question to ask teacher
    Can anyone please correct the following letter for me? Please also check if any sentence doesn't make any sense!

    My participation at * is the right opportunity for me as I will be able to broaden my knowledge about the IT industry and to meet people from different countries with different thinking, different experiences and ideas. At the same time, through my participation in practical training on advanced IT projects I will improve my skills in programming and I will get very useful experiences. In addition to attending lectures by * IT experts is a very big advantage of the program which will give me many benefits to my knowledge about computers. The visits to the laboratories of the most popular laboratory in the world is an experience that many people would like to live and I am very happy to have the opportunity to experience it through this program.
    Also the content of the program's activities and lectures around the burning issues of widespread cloud computing, managing large databases, the always contemporary security of computers etc. make the program very interesting and valuable asset for the future. At the same time the multitude of issues that are provided through the projects cover all interests. The leading edge of the Cern facility in conjunction with access to equipment that has not come out yet on the market make it the ideal place to learn and apply as mentioned above.
    Upon completion of my studies at the end of May, my participation in the * program would give me considerable knowledge and experience. It will also give me very important skills for the future, will help me to decide whether to choose a master and then later will help me to adapt very quickly to a future job at *.

    The stars are the name of the organism.
    Thanks in advance!
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