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    i am confuse between when to use do you ? and do'nt you?

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    Re: help

    Hi Bikash,

    You have to look at how they ask a question, most of the time you have to answer in the same tense used in the original question.

    eg: You (do) speak English ?! Don't you ? "(do)" it is not necessarily needed
    eg: You want to go ? Don't you ?
    eg: You don't speak English ? Do you ?
    eg: You don't want to go ? Do you ?

    So, looking at these sentences you can see that when you start with a negative question the tag (Do you ?/Don't you?) at the end has to be positive. When you start with positive question the tag has to be negative.

    Positive question -> Negative Tag (Don't you?)
    Negative question -> Positive Tag (Do you?)

    Personaly, I think, that starting with a positive question and ending with a negative tag is the easiest. The other way around sounds a little bit strange, "clumpsy" to me too. I mean I do have to pay attention to it myself but the moment I use a negative question it's like an alarm going off in my head just don't want to make a "tag mistake"

    Kind Regards


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