Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum, so I'm a little bit lost here, and I'm not really sure if I'm posting in the right place, well hopefully I am.
I need some help checking my essays, I want to make sure they sound natural and idiomatic.
Now, this is just a short silly essay I wrote, I just wanted to write something and wasn't sure what to write about.

'' I'm really excited - I applied for the CELTA course and I was accepted! Now, the application process is pretty hard, there are 3 stages, first, you have to do some written tasks, those are pretty much about methodology ( which doesn't really make any sense, the course is for young teachers without any teaching experience, but well i guess by doing this they just try to see our teaching potential ) I actually enjoyed this task, Well just to give you an idea of the tasks here are some of the questions : how would you explain the difference between''lay'' and ''lie'' to your students? '' childish vs childlike ''? , '' imply vs infer''. I also had to write an esssay about 500 words long( and it HAD to be handwritten and not printed). I didn't really expect them to reply but they did and passed the first stage. At The second stage they normally expect you to take a language aptitude test, which in my case they didn't do because I sent them my IELTS results so I guess they thought it was good enough and they invited me for the interview with the trainer of the course.

This is the hardest part, what the trainers trying to do is to actually discourage your from taking this course, emphasizing the intensity of the course. ( it's a 4 week course ,and you basically spend your entire day in class), '' you won't have any free time whatsoever and you will have to sacrifice your personal life'' - well lady i don't have any life so you cant really play on that :D . '' all your lessons will be observed by experienced teachers and tutors '' great I'm pretty sure im a natural born performer , I actually always wanted to be a stand up comedian too bad I forget the punchlines of the jokes all the time.
So the interview as I have already said is the last stage of the application process, and the decisive one. Besides trying to intimidate a potential trainee, trainers have to make sure your language skills are sufficient for the course.
So, to cut a long story short ( does anybody still use this expression or its just me? ) I was accepted and my classes begin in July.