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Thread: Family Law

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    Family Law

    Hello! This is my sample essay and I have to present this on class. I am humbly request the experts to check all the grammars and change all the errors. Thank you in advance.

    Good Evening. Our group is going to discuss about family law. We've divided our presentation in 3 parts. First, I am going to discuss about family break-ups. Under this are separation and divorce. Next, [name of group mate] is going to discuss about child matters. Under this are parenting, custody and access. Finally, [name of group mate] is going to discuss about money matters. Under this are child and spousal support.

    Letís start by discussing separation and divorce. There are no perfect relationships; itís how you accept the imperfections that make it perfect. Challenges and trials are inevitable and sometimes you feel unhappy and decide to end the relationship. [Transition word?], separation can lead to following reasons. First, you can reconcile with your spouse and discuss on how to settle the issues. Second, if reconciliation does not work, then you must get divorced. When you are separated, you can still live under the same house, but you to start separate bedrooms and stop eating meals together. There is no legal separation, but there is so called separation agreement. Separation agreements are written records on how they settle the issues. If you can manage to settle the issues, then you should consider separation agreement because it is a legal contract and most importantly itís cheaper and quicker process. If you need more help to solve your issues, then you must seek a mediator. A mediator is the one who help spouse to make decisions in a most collaborative way. They develop a parenting plan for the children and make other decisions.

    On the other hand, if reconciliation did not work, then you must get a divorce. However, divorce is only granted if there is a marriage breakdown. Marriage breakdown includes the following. First, if the spouses have separated for at least one year. One year period starts on the day you separated. Second, if one of the spouses has commit adultery that has not forgiven. Third, if the spouse has been abusive physically or mentally to the other spouse. Most people ask for a divorce based on separation. To claim a divorce based on adultery or abuse, you must be able to prove that it happened, and that might be difficult. On the other hand, if there are granted divorces, there are also divorces that cannot be granted. They do this to speed up the divorce. What does this all mean? Collusion is when you work with your spouse to lie to the court. Connivance is when one spouse encourages the other to commit adultery. Condonation when spouse forgiven the other for his adultery and abusive acts. Finally, insufficient child support meaning the spouse must make an arrangement for the financial support of the children. In addition, there is no divorce if the marriage is annulled or invalid and if you are not legally married. Thatís all I have to say about separation and divorce. Before I give the floor to the next presenter, do you have any questions? Thank you. To discuss about children matters, I'll introduce to you, [group mate name].

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    Re: Family Law

    We are not supposed to do your homework for you, but I'll give you one pointer. Delete every "about" that follows "discuss". We discuss things. We don't discuss about things. You can break the monotony by using "talk about" in place of "discuss" sometimes.

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