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    Unhappy Singular and plural nouns

    I've got a sentence:
    The war seriously affected petrol prices.

    My question is why not "petrol price"?
    My reasoning is that the petrol price used here is a noun phrase.

    My second question is about comparison of similar sentences:

    -She has certainly made him angry.
    She certainly has made him angry.

    - I am really sorry.
    I really am sorry.

    -Polite people always say 'thank-you'.
    I always do say 'thank-you'.

    My third question is from a sentence as well:
    I don't trust politicians. I never have, and I never will.
    Here why is I never "have"? What about I never "do"?

    Last question is a US diplomat and an MP.
    Why is not an US diplomat? a MP?

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    Re: Singular and plural nouns

    Quote Originally Posted by Andy Yang View Post

    Last question is a US diplomat and an MP.
    Why is not an US diplomat? a MP?
    It gets very confusing if you ask three totally unrelated questions in one thread. I will answer question 3. Please post questions 1 and 2 in new (separate) threads.

    It is not "an" U.S. diplomat because we don't use "an" simply because the next letter is a vowel. It is the sound of the word/letter which is important. When we say "U.S", it sounds like "You Ess". The sound "y" at the beginning of "you" is not a vowel sound so it is preceded by "a".
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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