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    both boys are denied their fathers over actions

    What is the active voice for this sentence?
    "They(any related law authority or something) denied their fathers to both boys" or doesn't it have any active voice?
    Incidentally, if you get divorced, and one of the spouses exert some violence or harrassment to the other, the court can order "Access Denial" to the inflictor in Korea, but this father-to-son denial sounds weird to me.

    st173)The cultural imperative of winning directly influences the extent of physical and psychological violence in sport. That is, as winning increases in importance because of financial payouts, status, and symbolic rewards, many players choose to use any means at their disposal, even violence, to attain victory. This phenomenon can easily be seen in an assessment of violent actions at various levels of play. Sadly, a few parents have assaulted coaches, officials, and even young athletes in their overzealousness for winning. Thomas Junta certainly acted violently when he fought with the father of an opposing player after his son's ice hockey game. Junta's violent behaviors resulted in his repeatedly hitting the victim. Sadly, now both boys are denied their fathers over actions following what could be called an insignificant game. Violence exhibited by athletes, coaches, parents, and fans in school sports has escalated because of too much pressure to win.

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    Re: both boys are denied their fathers over actions

    "Sadly, now both boys are denied their fathers over actions following what could be called an insignificant game."

    It is a rather muddy sentence, isn't it? In the actual case, ice hockey dad Thomas Junta attacked and killed the father of another young player. So that player no longer has the pleasure of having his father watch him play, while Junta Junior suffers the same fate because presumably his father is in jail. The significance or lack thereof of the game hardly seems relevant to me, much less important.

    Leaving aside the specifics of the case, in order to make the sentence active you would have to postulate an actor, say for example anonymous ice hockey officials. E.g.:

    Officials concerned about extreme violence among spectators have banned both fathers from future games, thus denying both boys the pleasure of having their fathers see them play.

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    Re: both boys are denied their fathers over actions

    As an NES but not a teacher, how about (from my limited schoolboy grammar):

    "Sadly, the courts (or other authority) have now denied both boys access to their fathers over ...."

    I am quite happy to stand corrected if wrong.


    PS Probus beat me to it.

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