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    Lightbulb Please HELP..Information and interview

    Please help me to fix any grammar error.. Thanks..

    Haines School believes that parents informed is a yearlong responsibility, andcorrespondence with parents has huge potential to make a positive difference ina child’s educational experience. Teachers communicate with parents throughpositive communication helps those to reinforce the right academic habits andclassroom behavior that will help students succeed. There are some effectiveways to maintain communication with parents including telephone calls, email,class web sites, grade book, parent portal, newsletters, and handwritten notes.
    Haines School is highly demanded on partnership.Parents fill out a CPS Volunteer Application form at the beginning of theschool year to volunteer at school such as helping for his/her child’s teacherprepare class materials, assisting students during class, preparing lunch, and workingwith teachers to conduct holiday performance. Parents are invited to attendstudents’ seminar joined the students to field trips. Report cards are picked up by parents andfailure notices are to be distributed to parents when report cards are handedout. Parents have to sign failure notices and return to school. The ParentAdvisory Council is educated parents on particular topics each month such ashealth, fitness, and dance. The school conducted a career day in which parentsare invited to present their jobs. Therefore, there are various ways for parentinvolvement and make parents feel a part of school.

    Part 3
    I interviewed my aunt, who has three children thatcurrently attending to John C. Haines School. The oldest is in eight grade, thesecond child is in third grade, and the youngest is in preschool. For theinterview, I asked questions that focus on the second child, who is eight yearsold. I discovered that my aunt tried many different resources to advocate herchildren. She would have the eldest daughter to help the other children whenthey have questions about homework. When the eight years old child asked myaunt about how to do the homework, my aunt would explain to her child that theteacher should have explained everything in class. She told her child to listento the teacher in class in order to understand how to do the homework. Theteacher is highly valued according to my aunt’s point of view. She took herchildren to local library when she is free. My aunt is limited on English, soshe tries to educate her children through outside resources and the otherpeople. Moreover, they like to gather with relatives for dinner and play gamesas a family at quality time.
    After the Funds of Knowledge interview with my aunt,I find out some ways to improve the classroom environment to meet the child andenhance parent involvement. The studentsmay allow staying after school if they need clarification about how to do the homeworkor if they have questions about what have be taught during that day. Theparents need to be informed about what their child is currently learning and howto help their child at home. The parents can advocate their child in nativelanguage since researchers have proved that knowledge in native language wouldtransit to English.
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