Dear English consultant,

I have a few questions about sentences.

These disabilities do not only concern the patient him/herself but also affect his/her environment.
Social and financial consequences arise for caregivers, relatives and society.
Furthermore, society has high expectations for the young adult, putting additional pressure on the individual.
Social cognitive impairments have a tenacious character, they persist during all stages of disease, the prodromal phase, the acute stage, during relapses and even during remission.
Noteworthy, not only social cognition impairments on their own are worsening functioning at work and in relationships.
Social cognition deficits can stimulate proneness to other risk factors, such as bullying and mobbing. In turn, symptoms can deteriorate by that.
Thanks for reading my sentences. I cannot ask a specific questions about them, do you recognize something that sounds unusual?

Thank you a lot for helping!!
Greetings Kanarie