Story 1.

A study has
foundthat peers caninfluence personal achievement.The type of friends that adolescents have actually can make a difference in their school performance. It can appear especially in two areas:academic performance and delinquency. Youngsters whose friends were moreacademically oriented did better over the course of high school than studentswho had less academicallyoriented friends. Similarly, students whose friends were more delinquentdeveloped more problems themselves than students whose friends had a lower rate of delinquency.

Story 2.

This is story about Colin’s early memories of great love for his family. When he was young, he's grandmother and parents scolded him when he did something dangerous. It's because they were worried about him. He lacked drive. He was not much of an athlete or musician either. Still he was a contented kid, growing up in the warmth and security of the concentric circles his family formed. These circle rippled out in diminishing degrees of kinship, but maintained considerable closeness.

These are summary of two stories. Plase check this out for me :)