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    speak a little French or speak French a little

    If I am a poor speaker of French, which of the following is more appropriate?
    1) I speak a little French.
    2) I speak French a little.

    I've read in a blog that "I speak French a little" could mean "I don't spend much time speaking French, thou I can speak it pretty well when I have the chance."

    Please help me clear up my confusion.

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    Re: speak a little French or speak French a little

    As an NES but not a teacher, the meanings to me would be as follows:

    1) I speak a little French - I do speak some French, but only a little - try me and see if I can understand.
    2) I speak French a little - same as 1, but also could mean I speak some French, but not regularly - and possibly less than in 1.
    3) I speak little French - I speak less French than in 1 or 2.


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