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    Lightbulb Execuse Me .... Suggestion!!!!!

    Hi everybody....
    I would like to pose a suggestion
    as I am sick of my horrible writing skill
    I think some of us also have ,don't be shy,
    In order to solve this poblem without wasting precious time for some nice very busy poeple to correct all of us at a time...
    why don't we correct each other ,,
    In the sense everyone will write and send his writing by mail to some other fellow of us in order to correct and send back the corrected text including some remarks..
    So we can get both friendship and experience as we belong to big classroom,
    and my email is [removed]
    Hope you like it
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    Re: Execuse Me .... Suggestion!!!!!

    I have removed the email, as public emails aren't allowed- you can exchange emails through the private message system, which is more secure and keeps the spammers out of the forum.


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