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    Thumbs down fir and fair pronunciation (BrE)

    Good morning/good afternoon/good evening (depending on your present location...).
    (I would appreciate it if you could answer the question below)
    How am i "supposed" to say words 'fir' and 'fair' properly (details needed) while uttering them differently? It gonna take a while before I figure it out completely so go ahead if you have any thoughts on this subject...
    Sincerely yours
    One of many
    Ps. I'm sorry if I weren't 'precise' enough. Being 'imprecise' wasn't my purpose, I assure you.

    edit: Ok, let's say I figured it out...
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    Re: fir and fair pronunciation (BrE)

    Fir is a monophthong, while fair has a slightly diphthongized character.

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    Re: fir and fair pronunciation (BrE)

    However, In Liverpool, England, they pronounce "fair" as "fir" or "fur". :)

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    Re: fir and fair pronunciation (BrE)

    The lips are wider apart when saying fair.

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