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    Placement Tests & Proficiency Tests & Classroom Tests and Quizzes

    Dear Teacher,

    I am doing TESOL course and I am stuck on these questions:

    Imagine that you are responsible for admittingstudents to an English language school. Design a simple interview based on 20personal questions for the student (about his/her family, job, school, country,etc.) that begin with simple grammar and vocabulary and develop more complexityby the conclusion. This is to follow the school's placement test to confirm itsresults.

    1 Decide if the following tests meet the criteria for good tests. Explainwhy they do or do not.You gave your class a chapter test of 25 questions. The test wasannounced during the chapter review for the following day.You've just decided to give the students a 10-minute test because you'rethe substitute teacher and need some time to get things organized beforestarting class.It's Wednesday and you've just finished a reading passage and tell thestudents they will need to be able to summarize the main points of it in a teston Friday.At the end of the term you will require your class (of 20 students) toanswer a 200-question objective test as well as two essay style questions in300 words (minimum) each. You ask your class to produce a list of 10 words theylearned on their own outside of class and use each in a sentence to show theirmastery of the word.2 Create a 10-question gap fill (fill in the blank) exercise based on anytopic:vocabulary, grammar, etc.3 Create a 10-question cloze exercise on any topic.

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    Re: Placement Tests & Proficiency Tests & Classroom Tests and Quizzes

    Welcome to the forum, loriss.

    We like to help when we can, but we don't help with assignments. Your teachers/tutors trainers want to know what you can do, not what we can do.

    If you are really stuck, go and see your trainer and ask for a few pointers. That's one of the things s/he's there for.

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