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    "He came driven by ..."

    His mission was to change our way of thinking so that we would know the love of God. He came driven by an immense love, to suffer for us. Also, to purge our sins showing us how to live.
    I understand the exact meaning of "He came driven by " but I failed to analyze the grammar point here. Were it "He was driven by ", I would called it passive voice. In passive voice construction we need:

    Subject +Be + V3 +(by).

    My question is, does Subject +Be (was/were) + V3/pp +(by) apply to the underlined part?

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    Re: "He came driven by ..."

    (Not a Teacher)

    Honestly, I feel like "driven by an immense love" should go at the end of the sentence.
    "He came to suffer for us, driven by an immense love."

    If you kept it the way it was, I'd put a comma after 'came':
    "He came, driven by an immense love, to suffer for us."

    I'd say "He came to suffer for us" is the sentence, and "driven by an immense love" is a verbal phrase.

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