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    I need help with my cover letter for German University!

    Hello! This my first time posting here. I'm currently applying to Georg-August-Universität Göttingen in Germany for a Philosophy and Economics two subject bachelor programme. The university didn't tell me if I had a limit of words or pages, and all the models I can find of a cover letter are for a master's programme and they're all different so I really have no idea of how a cover letter should look like or what it should include (all I really know is that it should say why I want to study abroad, why I want to go to that university and why I want to study what I want to study, or at least that's why I figured it should include). So I ask you to please check this for me and tell me if this is correct. Thank you in advanced! =D

    To whom it may concern,
    I am writing to apply for the Philosophy and Economics two subject bachelor programme.
    Being born in Bolivia is certainly a luck that not many people have. While most people throughout the world may consider it as bad luck, I am proud and happy to say I’m Bolivian. Being the poorest country in South America has led people to have really extreme stereotypes of both our culture and people. People outside and within the country have always diminished the pride one should feel for being Bolivian. Nevertheless, Bolivia doesn’t lack the resources that a country needs to grow, and we certainly don’t lack hard-working people who are proud of who they are and where they’re from. Bolivia lacks leadership and unity. And the reason why we lack that is because the people who have the opportunity to make something for this country choose to leave instead of staying to make a difference for the rest.
    Traveling has always been a passion of mine. Whether it was by traveling to my father’s hometown, or going on a fifteen hours long bus ride to the second biggest city in Bolivia, or simply by going on family vacations to a neighbor country; traveling has always been present in my life. However, traveling hadn’t really changed my life until three years ago. By the end of 2010 I made a decision that would later come to define everything I am and represent. I decided to become a world citizen, a person who would no longer think as one, but as a whole.
    Saying that becoming an exchange student changed my life would come short. It has given me another life. It has given me the opportunity to open my mind to the rest of the world. It has helped me see the reality of my country and the reality of the world. But most important of all, it showed one person can make the difference, and that, in fact, I could be that person.
    My decision on studying abroad can happily rely on one very simple fact: although my passport may say I’m only Bolivian my home is no longer just one place; my home is the world. My home is abroad. However, my decision on studying in Germany was somehow more complicated. Due to my fascination for traveling and getting to know the world, choosing just one place to live in for many years was very difficult. Ultimately, my decision came down to choosing the country that would give me the most opportunities for later in life. And only then my decision got easy. Germany is definitely the country that would challenge me the most in every possible way. And I believe that overcoming every challenge that gets in my way is definitely something that will help me grow both academically and mentally.
    Philosophy wasn’t a big part of me until some years ago, and Economy hadn’t really been present at all. I’ve spent most of life questioning everything anyone has ever told me. I questioned my family, my teachers, my friends, religion, mathematics, food, music, grammar, and almost anything that played a part in my life. Now I know that I was just looking for knowledge. I am looking for knowledge. I look for a way of understanding the nature of the world we live in. I’m looking for an answer to all the questions I have. However, I’m not only looking for answers, but also for a way to apply them in our reality. I want solutions for the problems we all have. I want to be able to help my country and the rest of the world by finding the answers I’m looking for and then apply them in a more practical way. I just want to make a difference. I want to do something with the answers I get.
    It took me some time deciding where I wanted to study at. Having family and friends in Germany certainly gave me many choices. However, my decision came down to which university had the most fitting environment for my personality. When I first hear of Georg-August-Universität Göttingen I found that not only did it have an outstanding reputation in all of Germany, but that it also had the environment I was looking for. Göttingen was exactly I was searching for; a university town which had a fairly big number of international students, a university that virtually gave you the opportunity to study on any type of field of knowledge you wanted to, and offered you to go on with your studies with a large variety of programmes. Immediately my head was set on going to Göttingen.
    With all having been said I must conclude by stating that it’s an honor to just have my letter being read and considered for admission to your university, and that I’m aware of the challenge that I will have to face in case of admission, and that I’m fully capable of overcoming any challenge that comes. I thank you for your time and effort.

    Yours faithfully,

    Rodrigo Meave

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    Re: I need help with my cover letter for German University!

    They don't really like it when people say "you're just what I'm looking for" and then don't say anything to demonstrate this, beyond what the population of their town is. You need to learn more about the particular programme, in detail, and write intelligently about the parts that interest you.

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