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    Red face conceptually dazzling?

    The following several sentences are about whether or not to allow to sell or buy human organs.And i am not sure what the following sentences mean.

    1. Today the transplant is part of the culture-conceptually dazzling, familiar in a weird way, but morally unassimilated. what does the underlined part mean? can you paraphrase this sentnece for me?

    2. Transplants become a matter of high-stakes risk calculation for the doner as well as the recipient and the intense emotions invovled sometimes have people playing long shots.

    a. what does it mean by high-stakes risk calculation?
    b. what does the intese emotions imply?
    c. what does it mean by playing long shots.

    I am looking forward to seeing your answers. As always, thans.

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    Re: conceptually dazzling?

    conceptually dazzling- an astonishing idea, yet familiar because it has been around for decades, but the moral issues of using parts of other people's bodies have not yet been resolved
    high-risk- giving one of your kidneys, say, is risky because the one that remais might fail, which would account for the emotions involved


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