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    let's see if you can justify this

    who can please translate this for me??

    I can't fully understand this statement:

    "He was angry over being able to see his brother who came all the way from Alaska to visit him."

    Does the statement say he was able to meet his brother? How?
    Does it mean he was angry because he doesnt want to see his brother? How again?
    the reason is not clear at all?
    Was there another meaning of "over being able to" as used here?
    If we translate "over being able to" to an easier form, what will it be?

    Please help. thanks a lot to those who will respond.

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    Re: let's see if you can justify this

    It would make more sense to me if it said 'over not being able...'

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    Re: let's see if you can justify this

    looks like a typo.

    He was angry over( ? I would use about) being UNABLE to see his brother...


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