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Of all the many millions army of anglers, spinning anglers probably the most numerous and active party. Dynamism and relative

ease of catching a predator on artificial lures attracts to this wonderful occupation new fans - anyone can find something to

his taste. Вoat and shore or bank, city water and distant expedition, summer and winter, overdelicate fishing tackle or

trophy hunting, huge variety of fishing gear and tackles - spinning has many faces and amazingly entertaining. Learn all the

techniques and methods that exist today it is simply unrealistic - and many fans of this noble fun deliberately limit their

range of interests, striving to achieve excellence in the most interesting, in their opinion, the methodology. What is the

most popular among fans and athletes/(spotsmen in fishing) which technology is leading today on the prevalence and catch,

what types of fishing lures is dedicated to the greatest number of publications in the fishing press?

There are no two opinions about it. Of course, the jig. Indeed this way of catching any fish in any waters was the "golden

key" that opens the door to success as to a novice on his first fishing trip, as well as professional athletes in a

responsible tournament. Jig leading of silicone bait conceals an incredible range of possibilities of animation in any

horizon, at any tempo, allows to catch predators of all kinds very confidently, regardless of their degree of activity. A

variety of baits for catching this type is striking. Japanese and American manufacturers offer a range of silicone for every

taste - but, of course, first of all, for the most intensive and heavily hyped, their own markets.

For saltwater and freshwater fishing for bass, trout, redfish, horse mackerel ... demand determines supply. It is clear that

it would be quite naive to expect in these conditions on the part of legislators of the world of fashion any attention to the

problems of central European fishermen, most of them hunting for a medium-sized perch, pike and walleye. It is good that many

lures of the world's leading brands catch our fish good ... but sometimes you want, especially in the hot summer state of

not biting, something special, specially designed for press-fitted and finicky fish in our waters ... Program of soft

edible baits from TM Crazy Fish was born just as a response to this. All models are tested by leading anglers of our country,

and then finalized to considering the results of the tests are brought to perfection in everything. Optimized shape, texture

and durability, taste, smell, colors. Retaining all the best, which is typical for the lures already presented in our market

- TM Crazy Fish improves and adapts them, bringing the catching capacity of the models to an absolute value. Of course,

taken into account and one of the main requirements - the availability of bait for fishermen of any income.

A silicone, even edible - has no right to be expensive. Fishingman when casting lures into the water wants to be able to

focus only on the correct giving a jig right under the nose of the fish, which stands in a shelter. Thoughts about the

possible loss of expensive bait should not distracts him - and silicone lures from TM Crazy Fish fully comply with this

requirement. The creators of this revolutionary product, it is possible to combine in their products such contradictory

requirements, such as catching efficiency, effectiveness, and a very friendly price of silicon lures. Therefore, the mass use

of these models is provided - and if at least some people will tell us his impressions on the successful use of our products,

if you recommend any improvements, changes and improvements of Crazy Fish baits - we will accept them with the deepest

gratitude and immediately try to bring in new models, colors and flavors. Then our success with you will be mutual, our

fishing will be the trophy, bright, unforgettable!