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    a few confusing expressions...

    "The (motel) room was an uninspired space: two queens, ... , a blurry television with a Spartan channel selection - bolted to the dresser - ..."

    What is a "Spartan channel selection"? And the Spartan channel selection is bolted to the dresser??

    A: "The masseuses are not going to do what you think they're going to do."
    B: "You're telling me that if I get a masseuse over here she's not going to suggest exploring other possibilities when I mention the almighty dollar? Bullshit, they're not going to come to the party."

    What does B mean by saying "they're not going to come to the party"? I thought B was saying that money could make people do anything...but party? What party? And why wouldn't they come to the party?

    ...I don't want to get nabbed in some local sting operation targeting goats like you.

    What is "local sting operation"?

    We...fearing the local sheriffs who often parked outside the popular watering holes waiting for tottering prey.

    What do "popular watering holes" refer to?

    ...slabs of beef with a variety of artisanal Pinot Noirs...

    I managed to find that artisanal is a term "used to describe small-scale, traditional fisheries". What's this to do with Pinot Noirs??

    ...a bartender with his three inner tubes of a stomach barely hidden by an Hawaiian shirt, waddled over to serve us...poured a sizable, glad-to-see-you-again sample of Bien Nacido in each glass for us..."...decent concentration. Let's drink to its future. Pour us a couple."

    What are "three inner tubes of a stomach"?
    Does "glad-to-see-you-again" here mean that the bartender generously poured a lot of wine out?
    What does it mean by "drink to its future? Toast for this wine's future?

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    Re: a few confusing expressions...

    Spartan = not much choice
    They will come to the party- it's bullshit to think that they won't come when the money talks
    Sting- trapping criminals in the act
    Watering hole- pub, bar
    Artisenal = small scale, not industrial
    Rolls of fat
    Yes- generous measure
    Toast its future

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