I am an architect with an experience of over 25 years, who is trained to work in a complex interdisciplinary environment managing large-scale developments. Since over six years I work as a Deputy General Director of Moscow branch of a renowned international architectural company with HQ in London. Due to the family reasons I would like to relocate back to Europe, where I have worked as an architect for over 15 years. I look for a new position where I could best use my strengths as long interdisciplinary and multicultural experience, experience in hospitality projects, multi-linguility and good technical understanding.

During the years I have managed developments of up to 600 000 sq.m. By myself, as a project architect, I have designed and successfully realized multi-functional complexes up to 120 000 sq.m. Since usually I have worked as a General Planner / Lead Designer, I understand the technical contexts of various disciplines very well - from the statics and engineering up to economic and environmental aspects of developments. 1997 to 2004 I was a member of Berlin Chamber of Architects.

In my professional way I have managed teams up to 30 architects. My position as a Deputy General Director requires negotiating skills, deeper understanding of contract management and cost management, marketing, personnel management, and permanent communication with customers and authorities. Technical presentations, participation in conferences, committees, communication with the press belong also to my duties.

I'm used to work in an international environment. I speak fluent German, English, Russian (native) and a bit of Italian. I am a German and a Russian citizen - and enjoy practically worldwide visa exemption and do not need a job permit. Willingness to travel is available, but without permanent stay abroad.