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    start their routines

    1. Does "routines" here mean "a set performance or movement"?
    2. Is "have on some clothes" a common expression? I have never encountered this expression before.
    mo41) Jonathan stretched his muscles. Each year, (a)he and his friends participated in the diving contest at the community pool. Divers from all over the city came to participate in the contest. All the divers got ready to start their routines. Jonathan performed (c)his dive and did well enough to move on to the final round, where the diver could select the dive of his or her choice. Thoughts of the final dive came into Jonathanís mind. All the divers gathered around discussing who was left to compete. Jonathan noticed a small boy that had on an old swimsuit. (d)He laughed with his peers about how this boy managed to get into the final round. The boy was first, and he made his way up to the highest board. He made his dive and then sat down. It was a clumsy dive without much style. Jonathan was next. (e)He performed his dive perfectly.

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    Re: start their routines

    1. Yes. The standard set of procedures or movements that they always go through.
    2. To "have on" clothes is common, at least in BrE.

    What did you have on when you fell in the river?
    Jeans and a T-shirt but the most annoying thing was that I had my Jimmy Choos on!
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