Dear Sirs,
It is my pleasure to recommend Ms Gerda Aksinavičiūtė for admission to your university international Master‘s programme of International business law at the School of Law. I came to know Gerda as I was her undergraduate professor for Private International Law course. Please note that I only recommend students which have necessary knowledge and substantial skills for further Master studies in the field of Law. Therefore, I highly recommend that she would be given the opportunity to study in your university.
In above mentioned course students are tested few times for their knowledge, first test takes place in the middle of the course and afterwards there is a final exam in which students are tested for theoretical and practical knowledge. Gerda was consistent during both tests and performed exceptionally well by receiving 10(excellent) and 9(very good) grades, please note that 10 is a maximum.
Throughout the course Gerda left me an impression of a very consistent, dedicated and reliable person; she has showed positive attitude, concentration, good analytical skills. Because of her discipline and professional outlook Gerda has a special approach and tries to apply her new theoretical knowledge in practice. This is a highly important feature in Private Law which let Gerda complete her course very successfully.
Based on my observations I‘m confident that Gerda is an excellent candidate for your university and will be valuable asset during the studies. I also see that Gerda has huge potential and Master studies would be one of the best ways to exploit them. I truly hope that she will be admitted in your university so she can achieve her goals. If you would like to have further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Faithfully,