Hi All,

First, I feel that I need to appoligize for my English skills so please forgive me for any mistakes I made below.
Would you be so kind to check the peregraph below for syntactic mistakes and revert with revision.

I want the forward it along with questions to professionals who might be intersted in my initiative.


My name is Heather and I'm a post graduated European citizen. A few months ago I went traveling in north and west of Europe, a trip that was planned a year beforehand. I fall in love with these beautiful countries and made a decision to look for a job there. It wasn’t easy. Not only because of the lack of positions on the web as a result of the economic crisis in the past few years but also due to the difficulty in finding a real job opportunities that require specific professional specialties on one website. As for now I am considering the idea of establishing an international job seeking website as a platform for employers to meet professionals who seek to work outside of their countries. To examine the demand and the feasibility of this idea I chose to address you. I kindly ask you to answer a few questions that are presented below. I thank you for your cooperation and wish you best of luck.


Thanks in advance & B.regards!