Participating in this world- class masters degree in human resource management at the University of Westminster as a Ugandan will be a great step a head towards making major contributions to desperately needed social change and economic development in our country. I refer it as a milestone a head because this program will be able to provide me with the fullest opportunity possible to study and research on how international economies operate and how multinational companies and corporations apply their their effective management principles so that I can go back and help my country Uganda.

Throughout my varied work history and experience as a professional community development worker, I have been steadily involved in so many community workforce projects here in Uganda both as an administrator and a facilitator, which has given me an opportunity to develop a strong academic foundation and perspective towards understanding the hidden ethics and principles of human resource management. It’s through this diverse managerial experience I have acquired both in operating and managing a workforce of so many people that I have decided to further my studies and pursue a career that will enable me provide good technical assistance and professional training to different firms and multinational corporations on how to apply effective managerial principles.

My three-year undergraduate program in Adult and Community Education at the faculty of Special Needs and Rehabilitation of Kyambogo University here in Uganda has equipped and empowered me with a strong foundation of acute insights and rich practical knowledge and skills in a wider range of community disciplines. I have also been able to demonstrate my readiness in effective management skills, good interpersonal communication skills, managerial leadership and team worker and excellent organizational and workforce skills among others.

My career goal and aspirations in obtaining a masters degree in Human resource management is to acquire the best quality knowledge and practical training that will enable me to make significant contributions towards finding appropriate solutions that will help to examine effective human resource management in both private and public multi-national firms and corporations a cross the world. I see myself eight years from now working with the best leading multi – national corporations and firms a cross the world as a specialist in human resource management.

My decision to study human resource management at a postgraduate level has taken a lot of research and thought over the past two years of my professional work and experience and therefore I cannot wait to apply all my skills and dedication to succeed.
I am a very ambitious and responsible driven individual with a passion of reaching out to make a difference in people’s lives. Although my experience have not been entirely unique as a community development worker, I promise to bring a broad understanding of diverse cultural disciplines, languages and maturity that I hope will exceed your expectations. Finally, I am a committed student who is always willing to learn and I appreciate every opportunity to learn new things or old ones differently.

I have chosen to participate in your postgraduate program at Westminster University because of your academic focus and reputation towards building and maintaining an intellectual stimulating environment that brings together students from diverse cultural backgrounds to uphold the quest for academic excellence and accomplishment in different career fields.