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    Pick up slang meaning

    Hi, Everyone. What does "pick up" mean in these contexts?

    First of all, I would like to know if "pick up" means "to hit on sb" sometimes.

    A:Who are you anyway: Are you trying to pick me up? = Are you trying to hit on me?
    B: No, I never picked up anybody in my life.

    Person 1: "Hey let's go pick up some girls tonight!"

    He picked her up from the bar.

    How to pick up girls at bars.

    Anyway, It sounds like "pick up" in the first example have a different meaning from the last example.
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    Re: Pick up slang meaning

    They have the same meaning - to get chatting to, chat up, hit on and then leave with a/some girl(s). The only one which could have a more innocent meaning is "He picked her up from the bar" which could simply mean that a man collected a woman from (outside) a bar, probably by car but possibly on foot.
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