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    Exclamation Meaning of some sentences!!!!

    Hello everybody,
    Would you please tell me the meanig of these sentences?

    1)It takes one to know one.
    2)Does he have alot of one night stand?
    3)Don`t cross picket line.
    4)It escapes me.
    5)Step on the gas.
    6)Hasta la vista.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Meaning of some sentences!!!!

    1 a person of a certain type can recognose another- a crook knows a crook
    2 casual sexual encounters
    3 the picket line is where strikers try to stop other workers entering- if you cross it, you are going against your workmates
    4 I can't remember, or don't get it
    5 accelerate, go faster
    6 see you

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