I am posting this essay in face of uncertainty of what band my Ielts essay could be, and in face of hope that someone who are experienced could mark it. I understand it is an audacious request and also time-consuming task for marking, but I have been so much weary and need a beacon to raise my confidence on this path.

This essay reflects what I can possibly hand-write in 40 minutes. I appreciate and thank everyone for any either negative or positive comments in advance.

Topic: These days many countries are facing problems, so it is better that each country concentrate on solving its own problems, instead of co-operating with other countries. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?


Many countries in the world are now immersed with more critical issues than ever before. Thus, some individuals advise that these countries should focus their time and efforts on their own problems rather than on other countries. I fundamentally disagree with this idea and believe that collaboration is the most plausible option in dealing with any difficulty.

Helping other countries will enable a country to alleviate its domestic problems more efficiently. The 'illnesses' that each government currently facing, such as energy crisis, unemployment and so on, are for more complicated compared to what in the last 50 years; and they are, thus, required a huge source of natural resources and intelligence to remedy. Apparently, no nations, including the wealthiest country on earth like the US, obtain all of these strengths which can be sought from other nations. This explains why many developed countries have invested in developing countries , because offering helps first is the wisest way to receive helps in return.

Another motivation compelling leaders around the world to work together is that the many serious issues have become global and interdependent. Climate change, or wars are the result of economically mutual interactions between nations. For example, air pollution occurring in one country may be originated from its neighbour industrializing country's factory emissions. At the same time, Australia's Carbon Cut policy, alone, will not be able to reduce the global warming effects if Australia does not help the international community to build and comply with the same rules. Hence, every country in the world must team up and share responsibility.

In conclusion, the problems in this era are acute and difficult to be handled independently. Cooperation , in my opinion, will play key role in solving these problems and bring us to a better world.