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    To the judge....

    Dear sir or madam,
    I need to write to a judge to extend my court date for a traffic violation. I was trying to figure out how best to address the letter (i.e. "To the judge of the traffic court,") however I only know the judges title, not his/her name. I was also wondering if there was some obscure etiquette for signing the letter or if "Sincerely," would suffice.
    P.S. I do not know how quickly you respond, but if you could do so expediently, I would appreciate it.
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    Re: To the judge....

    Not knowing the judge's name you can simply address him/her as Your Honor, capitalized.

    I would close with "Cordially,"

    It is also possible the clerk might handle it and save you the trouble or writing the judge.

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    Re: To the judge....

    I understand the "Your Honor" part, however what would the full heading be...I cannot think it would be "Dear Your Honor" that obviously does not work. "To Your Honor," I think sounds a bit childish and saying something similar to "To the Honorable Judge of the Traffic Court" might seem as if I am trying to be overcourteous in a rude manner.

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    Re: To the judge....

    If you were to use "The Honorable" you would need the full name to follow. Which of course brings up the addressing on the envelope. You call and find out the name of the judge and then address it to The Honorable XXXXXXXXand the the salutation can be Your Honor.

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