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    a crucial factor?

    Helllo Eeveryone,

    In LONGMAN, there is a sentence "Weather could be a crucail factor in tomorrow's game. Which of the following sentences correctly define the longman sentence ?

    1. Whether the game can be hold depends on the weather. If fine, game will be hold. If not, game cancelled.

    2. Game will be held as long as it is not too bad. But whether the athelets can achieve good grades is descided by the weather conditions. If sunny and wind mild, good results can be obained. If wind strong, they will not?



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    Re: a crucial factor?

    2, but in subtler ways than you suggest. For example, in a rugby match there will be less handling if the ball is wet; there will be less kicking if there's a swirling or variable wind ; there will be more kicking in each half (for the relevant side) if the wind is strong and constant. Factors like this will emphasize the relative strengths/weaknesses of cerrtain individuals.

    1 is inadmissible because weather is not a crucial factor in the game; it's the criticial factor for the referee's go/no-go decision.


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