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    With the side of


    "Of course, every now and then, I forget my stance and Paisley long enough to send the ball in a beautiful parabola right on to the green, and when I do--oh, brother!--the things I say to Paisley put him in such a frame of mind that I could play the rest of the course with a paddle and a basket-ball and still beat him. This particular afternoon he had tried to play the seventh hole as it should be played, and though we had both foozled, I had won the hole and romped triumphantly home with the side of pig."
    (32 Caliber by Donald McGibeny)

    'With the side of pig' - what does it mean?


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    Re: With the side of

    It's a cut of meat. Sometimes, the prize in a competition is a large piece of meat for the winner to take home and cook/eat.
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