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    "enough of" or "enough"

    The dictionary doesn't give a clear answer how to use word "enough". In example of sentence presented below which case is good (or better):

    a) "I have enough books." (for learning)
    b) "I have enough of books." (for learning)
    c) both are correct (mean the same)

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    Re: "enough of" or "enough"

    We don't use "enough of" when followed by a noun.

    I have enough eggs.
    We have enough bread.
    There is enough water to make coffee.

    We do use "enough of" when followed by a pronoun referring to something already mentioned.

    Q - Do you think we have enough eggs?
    A - I have enough [of them] to make an omelette.

    Q - Do you need me to buy apples at the supermarket?
    A - No. I think I have enough [of them].

    As you can see, "of them" is optional in those examples.

    We do use it when we are trying to say that we have lost patience with something.

    I've had enough of the noise from the flat upstairs. I'm going to complain.
    He's had enough of his car. It breaks down three times a week so he's going to sell it.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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