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    List of the Features of Spontaneous Speech.

    For my A-level exam this year I have to look at the features of spontaneous speech. While this isn’t too bad, finding a comprehensive list of terminology to use for analysis is impossible; which is why I have now resorted to making my own. For anyone who is interested I have attached a word document to the end of this post containing all the explanations examples I can think of, however I am sure there are more and it would be much appreciated if other members could add to this or share their own resources. Hopefully others will then find this thread useful.

    Also, while I am here I may as well mention that I am finding the practice exams hard (AQA lit/lang) . Even with this terminology I am failing to hit the top band of marks. I have, of course, asked my teacher for help but the way that she explains how to do the exam isn’t helping me. I think my exam ‘technique’ is perhaps wrong, or limiting my answers. Is there anyone who knows this exam and that could point me in the right direction?


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    Re: List of the Features of Spontaneous Speech.

    Your language terminology seems fine, but what about literary criticism?

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