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    plural nouns

    I am a student and I need some help. I was asked by my teacher to explain the difference in meaning between two plural forms of the followinf words: formula, cloth and shot. I am confused because I couldn't find the second plural form of cloth and shot and what is more important I could'n find the meaning of these words including formula of course in plural form. Can you help me, please?

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    Re: plural nouns

    Formula- formulas, formulae (The scond is the Latin form, while the first is following normal English plural rules)
    Cloth would just take -s for me, so I can't see what the second form is.

    Shot- shot/shots he difference is that the plural with -s refers to the number of times a gun is fired, whilethe plural that doesn't change refers to the small metal balls that are fired from a shotgun, so if a bird that had been hunted had many small balls in it, you'd say it had been hit by a lot of shot.
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