I have a problem regarding whether or not to use the definite article “the” along with a product name.

1. Use “the” or not before a noun-version product name?
It seems that when a product name is used as an adjective (that is, being followed by a modified noun), “the” is usually required (When I said “usually”, I meant “there may be exceptions.” See my second question below.) For example, “The SC000™ processor is based on the ultra low-power Cortex-M0 processor.”

But what about when a product name is used as a noun, particularly a singular object? Should it be preceded by a “the?” (For plural objects, the omission of “the” sounds natural. Some may argue a product name should always be used as an adjective if it’s trademarked. However, in realistic world, we can see product names extensively used as nouns to refer to products.)

I can’t find a consistent usage of “the” along with a noun-version product name. The following paragraph is quoted from ARM website. As you can see, the first “Cortex-A53” preceded by a “the” but the rest “Cortex-A53”s don’t.

The Cortex-A53 is able to deliver more performance than Cortex-A9 systems of comparable speed on this benchmark. The performance graph below shows measure results running various Android™ benchmarks on dual-core Cortex-A9, dual-core Cortex-A7, and projected results on dual-core Cortex-A53 platforms based on measured uplift vs. Cortex-A7 on similar types of code. The results show that Cortex-A53 delivers comparable but slightly lower performance relative to Cortex-A9 running at the same frequency, while Cortex-A53 delivers higher performance than Cortex-A9 at the same frequency.

So, should or should not “the” be used before a product name served as noun?

2. Use an article or not before an adjective-version product name?
Back to the condition when a product name is used as an adjective to modify/distinguish a particular noun/product. Some also argue that “the” is only used when the primary noun is countable, such as “the Cortex-M0 processor;” while the primary noun is not countable, use zero article.

In this case, why is there “The ARM instruction set architecture” and “The MIPS64 Privileged Resource Architecture?” Is “architecture” in technology/computing science countable? Can anyone come up with more examples of “zero article + product name + uncountable noun” in computing field?