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Education in Question

Over years, education continues to change, including education in Indonesia. Such changes can lead to positive changes but also negative changes. In Indonesia, education almost changed in all its aspects such as education system, curriculum, management, and so forth. Unfortunately, the direction of change is cannot be ascertained where they lead. All is seen to be oscillated. No one can defined where is education in Indonesia is lead to. And this thing is lead to question and problem what should Indonesia do about education and who are deserved to be educated.

Education is one of the key for someone to be successful in life. Through education people can survive to live. Many people argue that everyone should get a proper education; in fact it is very much different. In the field, it is found that many school-age children who work for the reason no cost and to lighten the burden of parents.

Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the trend of rising education costs during 2012 occurred in the new academic year, namely June to July. For the primary level (SD) rose 19.65 percent, 36.33 percent of junior high, and senior high 49.39 percent. Means that the number of the cost increases also spur high dropout rates. Although previously government set the 9-year compulsory education to 12 years of compulsory education, if the educational costs increase, this expectation which also a policy in Indonesia will not be able to reach.

In comparison to other countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia includes in the cheapest educational costs category. Besides, the government also has provided many scholarships or students assistant cost to help those who are not able to enter school from economic background but has good achievements in certain fields or skills. This is the main problem, what happen to education in Indonesia. If the main reason of education in Indonesia is not stable is about cost, government has supplied 20% from APBN cost for education, but there is no significant progress in decreasing the number of dropout students.

From those facts, it can be conclude that there are correlations from one aspect to other aspects. The costs can be related to human resources, policy, government rules and regulations in education, and so on and so forth. The main point is the ability to see the central and the most crucial part as the center of the problem that must be solved first, the priority. If the costs or fund is the main reason, then government should balance and reconsider the percentage of fund for education. Besides, the rules and regulations must be monitored and under control. The management should be clear and strict. By seeing things from many perspectives, the problem can be solved and every question about the orientation and the purposes of education can be answered.

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