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    Are these correct?

    Hi everyone! This will probably a rather lenghty thread. I'd like to know if the following sentences are correct:

    1 -"he was standing by in knowing silence". Can we use "stand by" like that, or does it always have to be preceding a place (e.g. he was standing by the window)? I really mean to say that the person was just standing around doing nothing.

    2 -"All your questions will be addressed when the proper time comes".
    I'm asking because I never heard that before. I usually see "addressed" being used regarding issues. Is it correct?

    3 -"He can get you tickets for the show. Or, if you'd rather, for the fight".

    4 -"He sits in the corner in silence and muses over the inlays on the floor". When writing that, I actually meant that the person was looking at the inlays on the floor and and daydreaming, spacing out. I'm uncertain whether "muse over" (or puzzle over) would be applicable in this situation. Well, is it?

    5 -The verb yearn. Can it be used in a sentence such as "he was sailing under a storm, yearning for lightning".

    6 -"The man was dashing through the underpass. Later, he was climbing the stands and rubbing his hands. "To climb the stands", as in a football stadium stands.

    7 -Footnote on a page? In a page?

    8 -"The time draws near when we'll hear the last bell to ring". Right or wrong?

    9 -"Everything on Earth has a set date to expire".

    These are issues that have been bugging me for quite a while now. I thank you all deeply!

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    Re: Are these correct?

    I am closing this thread because, if different people respond to parts of it at different times, there will be chaos.

    Operario, please start a fresh thread for each question. Thank you.

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