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    a greener life for some people

    I don't know if this is a typo. "Green life" would have been enough. What do you think?
    16p)Although hard to believe, itís no longer enough to live a greener life for some people. In England, many people are trying to be environmentally friendly when they leave the Earth. Known as green funerals, eco-friendly funerals are becoming very popular. Cardboard coffins, clothes sewn from natural fibers, and a burial place in a natural setting are some of the popular ideas favored by the British environmentalists. These eco-friendly funerals are not as cheap as you might think. But many environmentalists say that doing their part for the environment doesn't come with a price tag.

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    Re: a greener life for some people

    No, the comparative form, greener, is required. It may mean greener than the person's life would otherwise have been, or greener than other people's, or greener than the previous norm, or all of them.

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