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    present perfect vs simple present


    I'm puzzled by the use of these two verb tenses in the sentece below:

    - I live here since 2000.
    - I've lived here since 2000.
    (not to mention I've been living here since 2000)

    My doubt is: Do these sentences convey the same idea?
    I know present perfect continuous focus on the duration of time, however, in this case, I believe that either present simple and present perfect are fine. Am I right?

    Not a teacher.

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    Re: present perfect vs simple present

    "I live here since 2000" is grammatically incorrect. The present perfect is required whenever you say "since (some past date or time.)"

    A small caution: since is also sometimes used as a synonym for because, and in that case the rule does not apply. For example:

    We came to rely upon Michael for many things, since he had so often shown himself to be shrewd and trustworthy.

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