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    Please, correct this

    This exercise about articles. I complete it by using the, a, or an so can you correct it, please.

    How to Make _a_ Campfire
    Begin by choosing _the_ best spot for your fire. Make sure your fire is _a_ safe distance from _the_ tents.

    Find _a_ right fuel for your fire. _The__ three main types of natural fuel are tinder (material that burns easily, such as shavings whittled from _the_ stick), kindling (larger material such as twigs), and fire wood (dry branches that will be _the_ main fuel of your fire).

    Arrange the wood in the shape of _a__ pyramid over_the_ tinder. Light the tinder and add kindling as needed. Add the larger branches last. Never leave _the_ fire unattended.
    I wish you were here,
    or I was there or
    we were together anywhere

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    Re: Please, correct this

    You should let your teacher correct it first.

    Ask again if there's anything about his/her corrections you don't understand.


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