You can cast, throw (?), shed something in a certain light. It can be positive, negative and many more things, apparently including "ironic". Would you go with sarcastic? I said something was thrown in a sarcastic light, in view of certain constrastive, problematic data. It wasn't a brilliant expression, for sure, but I think it expressed something. But apparently the corrector didn't think so. Do you think it is tolerable even if it's a little awkward, or what is supposedly so terrible about it?
Certain statitics in an argument may cast a certain position in a certain light, which would make one sarcastic about the position... That "light" is not literal and the expression "in a sarcastic light" would only be used for its simplicity rather than its beauty. I don't stand by the necessity to use it, but I see no reason to be smug about the error.