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    Tennessee Williams A Street Car Named Desire, Text Transformation

    (Hi, can someone please mark my englsih work for me, I would like to know if grammar, punctuality and expression etc is correct and any improvements, I would also like to know what grade I am currently working on, and what I could do to improve, thank you very much)
    NH/QYZ/200931 27.03.2008

    Name of patient: Blanche Dubois Age: 37 years female
    Date of admission: 13.03.2008
    Most honoured Blanche Dubois 37 years old, has just been admitted on 13.03.2008 to a Private Hospital and is at present still in care. We observed obvious signs of vulnerability possibly created by prolonged periods of loneliness. A couple of months ago she developed weight loss, stress and high blood pressure. This increased the risk of Stroke and Coronary disease, she had in the past been hospitalised as a result of experiencing significant symptoms of anxiety or increased arousal. She was diagnosed as a case of Dyspareunia with high levels of abdominal pains. Blanche has been bought to this private hospital for general comfort and care; she was weak and unstable and had no appetite. She was having consistent pelvic pains and was increasing with pressure and with movement, reaction of nausea and other sicknesses. She was not able to walk due to a high rate of weakness and mental stress as a victim of forced sexual intercourse. When she was admitted in this hospital she was to an extent weak but had the strength to collaborate. She knew where she was brought and why, she claims to suffer pain around abdominal and pelvic part.

    Investigation has been taken and is at this time ongoing, abdomen ultrasound, blood tests, and CT scan of abdomen, chest and head. Patient had suffered sustained injuries during the traumatic and disturbing incident. The CT scan exposed subdural hematoma, an emergency has been taken on her and a surgeon who had opened the Dura has removed any visible blood clots. We will be shifting Blanche Dubois to the rehabilitation hospital where she will be taken care of in intensive care as she is from top to bottom discombobulated.

    Blanche as a patient of this hospital is being treated with vitamins; patient was put on glucose drips, looks as if she is disturbed after the tragic incident. Blanche does not appear incredibly comfortable with the hospitalisation, patient cannot repress her opinion. The patient was treated with antibiotics and was put on support with high doses of medication to keep her stable. Patients health looks as though it is recovering with medication and care, but we must be cautious as her health is to a certain extent crucial. Several other procedures are set, and CT scan was repeated showing unstable conditions of the brain. She has undergone several test, cream has been provided for scars to be healed, deep cuts, and strong urine infection is still visible, and has not yet cleared.

    The patient is lying unconscious and is unstable after her surgery. The patient has undergone several surgeries, in which a severe virus was stopped and controlled which mustve made the state worse. Her condition is exceptionally insignificant and is still experiencing internal bleeding, thus will be having a fourth surgery once documents are completed. After having gone through many surgeries, surgeons state, she is in a dreadful, condition but she is at this time to a certain extent stable and we will not be transferring her yet.

    Patient is presently receiving the best medical care and if matters continue to worsen, she will be kept on life support. She at this time has an exceedingly high blood pressure, and this can result to heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or blood vessel damage. The idea of moving her into rehabilitation with an unstable condition is negative and could worsen the condition. In addition to this we will keep this on a halt, it has been perceived that the patient is not in a condition to move. Her condition is still extremely serious and we have no signs of hope. She has before now suffered many illnesses and this means the patient is currently fighting for her life.

    Emergency contraception pill has by now been given to her and we have arranged for a few forensic swabs. We will be referring the patient to a GUM clinic for further testing if conditions are stable. The patient is responding well after gaining conscience; however she is still in shock and disbelief because of the rape. Blanche is extremely adamant and sense of fear and anger can be seen from her. Psychiatric report mentions, crying throughout the interview. Surgeons have said she has been in shock and seeks permission to speak. Patient blames herself for the situation, and the hospital will continue to pay attention on her.

    The patient will have to undergo several more tests for us to have a look if there is a chance that the rapist is infected by HIV. If this is the case then we will provide ways to reduce the chance of HIV, and will be given medication to treat the disease and will be done using the procedure PEP. The patient has attempted to commit suicide, and has with intent harmed herself in secret. Scars on her body from the incident are exceptionally severe and deep, this could be from the assault or the self injury. This is not an incredibly safe way to cope with difficult conditions as this, and this is just a temporary pain relief. In the long-term it will cause more pain and harm for the patient. The patient will be causing more harm to herself and it will not be healthy for her to act this way as a victim of sexual assault. There are a few marks which has been caused which has lead to permanent damage to her body. After having gone through an incident she will be running through a large number of psychological problems. This will slow the procedure down of healing herself and she will sense isolation.

    An allowance must be made for this patient, as she has been placed in an unprecedented position. The patient Blanche has been exempted from any work and stress until she has recovered abundantly. Her health is incredibly critical, which is the reason we have put her in intensive care.
    This patient is in need of extra care and will be discharged once she is stable physically and mentally.

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    Re: Tennessee Williams A Street Car Named Desire, Text Transformation

    If this is still a part of the assignment you have already posted parts of, you will know by now from my other responses that we cannot help with homework. I am closing this thread as we are unable to help.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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