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    Meaning of "match" in these sentences?

    Dear Teachers,

    I'm confused with these two sentences (from articles of The economist journal):

    "...Meanwhile, credit seems incredibly loose: the broad flow of financing to China's economy set a monthly record in January, then matched it in March."

    My question: if it already set the record in January, why it have to again match it in Match, I mean it "match" what record? I assume that I understand the meaning of the word "match" correctly.


    "... Even more notable, services have trumped industry's contribution to GDP in the past three quarters and have almost matched it over the past for - which has not happened since the 1960s"

    Again: the contribution of services have already trumped industry, why it have to "match", and "match" what?

    Please help me out, I appreciate your help!

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    Re: Meaning of "match" in these sentences?

    As an NES but not a teacher, it might help if you were to change "matched" to "equalled".

    I believe they are interchangeable in this case.


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