I live in Xiamen now, which is locate in eastern of China, a beautiful coastal city. Today is Tuesday, tomorrow is May Day, and I will have one day off, days before the holiday always make me happy, ha-ha!
Now is half past one p.m., then I will share about what I did today, and what I will do next. I got up six o’clock. After brushed tooth and washed face, I read some books and news from 6:25 to 7:15. Then I took half an hour to do some exercise, that make me strong and full of energy. I live so close to my company that only takes me ten minutes to arrive to company. By the way, I bought the breakfast to my office, worked at eight o’clock. During the working time, I had to complete my task before 12a.m., or my boss will get mad. Fortunately, I have completed it.
By the way, I’m 23, a R&D engineer, work in a US company. Personally speaking, design a new product is funny, especially when my product is used by many people. My hobby is playing Dota (WOW), also like to make friends. I will very happy if anyone wants to make friend with me.
Could anyone help to point my mistake and correct it? Many thanks!