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Report on customer satisfaction of Riverdale College Sports Club

The aim of this report is to provide an overview of the current situation of our college’s Sports Club, indicate factors which cause the lack of participation of students in the club’s sports activities and make recommendations as to how the improvement of the club’s conditions might be achieved.

I spoke to several students and there is a significant dissatisfaction with some aspects of the club. A high proportion of those respondents accentuated the lack of circumstances for practicing proper hygiene. I would recommend renovating the showers as soon as possible.

Another concern of the students was the lack of a lounge room, where they can relax after exercising. The solution for this would be to establish a little cafeteria in one of the rooms in the building which is has not been in use for years.

According to some other students, they cannot visit the club because the fitness rooms are always overcrowded. Even though our sport club is open five times a week, everyday for 5 hours, a large number of students can come only at weekends. I would recommend that we consider extending our opening hours and also create organized classes.

I appreciate that all the suggestions above would involve considerable expenditure but I feel that the cost would be worth it in the long term.