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    Lightbulb Could anybody check my essay please?

    I'm about to take the TOELF test next month and I need to get better on writing so I'm writing lost of essays. I'll be really grateful if somebody will check my essay (grammatical errors, spell check ect..)

    Thanks advance.

    People have various ways of relieving stress. What are some of the ways that you find most effective in relieving stress? Give reason and example to support your response

    Nowadays, lots of people are stressed by various things such as school, family and work. Anyone has his own ways to relieving stress. We are able to divide this methods into two categories: the healthy ways and the unhealthy ways. The healthy ways are, for instance, running and listening to the music. Instead, the unhealthy ways are smoking cigarettes or do extreme sports. In my opinion the healthy ways are better than unhealthy one, lots of people prefer the unhealthy, however.

    Running is one of the best ways to relieving stress. After a work day, you can put your running shoes on and you just star running. You may listen to the music while you’re running. I do love listen to the music when I’m running: indeed I forget everything and I’m like in a parallel world without problems. Another healthy way could also be listening to the music at home. It can help you to isolate yourself for a while and to relax. Furthermore there are a quantity of songs created by psychologists and doctors which would help you to relax. In my opinion I rather listen to my music (my band and my pop singer) but some people rather listen to this special music.

    Nonetheless, there are people who smoke cigarettes to relax. It’s a way to relieving stress as well, but it’s really unhealthy. Anyway there are lots of smoker because it’s proved cigarette can help you to relax: when you smoke, nicotine goes rapidly to the brain and, as a result, you get pleasure and it relaxes you.

    In conclusion there are lots of ways which make people relaxed. Personally I used to smoke cigarettes but I quitted. Now I run. I love run and I do run everyday. Running help me to relieving stress. The first days you do this it can be really hard, even if you’re not a smoker. Nevertheless, if you do it everyday, your body will get used and you will relieve stress rapidly. Running is a healthy way and it really work, so that’s why I think running is the best way to relieving stress.
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